grunt gallery/aka artist run/trinity square video

Geronimo Inutiq (DJ Madeskimo)

AUGUST 5, 2015 – AUGUST 22, 2015
grunt gallery, vancouver

OCTOBER 3, 2015 – NOVEMBER 7, 2015
Trinity Square Video, Toronto

NOVEMBER 6, 2015 – DECEMBER 5, 2015
aka artist-run, Saskatoon

ARCTICNOISE is an immersive, audio and visual media installation by Geronimo Inutiq (madeskimo). Following a series of discussions in Montreal and Toronto, Inutiq and co-curators Britt Gallpen and Yasmin Nurming-Por began a process of collective research into the relationships among Glenn Gould’s representations and more contemporaneous representations of the North, as well as the role of technology in disseminating these identity-based constructions. 

Images courtesy Trinity Square Video



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